Omega 4ft T5 108W Propagation Light 2 Tube


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Omega 2 Tube T5 Propagation Light

When it comes to offering top-quality propagation grow lights for cuttings and seedlings, the Omega T5 Propagation Light stands out as an industry leader. These lights not only provide plants with precisely what they require but also boast low power consumption. Housed within a durable black metal casing, the T5 fluorescent lights are accompanied by a well-designed reflector, ensuring even dispersal of light.

Why Choose Omega T5 Propagation Lights?

Each tube is surrounded by a separate groove in the reflector shaped to optimise light crossover without wasting any output. Lightwaves represent the best option for growers wishing to create a dedicated high performance vegetative growth and propagation room.

Perfect for bringing on seeds and cuttings! Propagation lights are available in various forms and spectrums double T5 tube fittings which can be used on their own or multiple T5 tubes combined in a reflective canopy for greater light coverage.

Omega’s range of T5 propagation lighting is absolutely perfect for bringing on seeds and cuttings. The Omega T5 4 Tube propagation light works a treat in the early stages of vegetative growth. It has low power consumption whilst still giving plants exactly what they need.

Advantages of Using a T5 Propagation Light

Omega T5 Propagation Lights work a treat in the early stages of vegetative growth. No ballast is needed so simply plug them straight into the mains.

T5 Propagation Lights are far more cost-effective compared to HID grow lamps.

The benefits are also that Propagation Lights have lower power consumption which means cheaper running costs for the grower. Lower power consumption also means that the lights can be placed closer to the plants without burning or heat stress.


  • Comes with a 2m Mains lead
  • No ballast needed - plug directly into the mains
  • Low power consumption and cheaper to run than ordinary grow lights

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