Omega 315W Euro Reflector

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High reflection guaranteed with Omega Lighting's 315W Euro Reflector

Omega Lighting have manufactured this high-quality Euro Reflector for the 315W CDM Lamp 4000k and 315w CDM Lamp 3000k. This Euro Reflector offers high reflection as it is manufactured using only quality materials. The reflector guarantees an even distribution of light over a grow room.

Omega's 315W Euro Reflector features rounded corners, a hammered aluminium finish, hanging eyelets and a 5 metre IEC cable.

The Euro Reflector also includes a central spine which increases reflection and reduces heat spots. The reflector is incredibly bright for such a low power consumption.


  • Efficient and high-quality Reflector
  • Quality materials
  • Even light distribution
  • E40 ceramic lamp holder
  • Extremely reflective with dimpled wings
  • Highly polished Omega Euro Wing Reflector

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