Odour Neutraliser Gel 1 litre

Fragrance: Cherry Burst
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Odour Neutraliser Gel 1 litre 

Stay on top of unwanted smells with a tub of Odour Neutraliser Gel. These gels are extremely potent while remaining non toxic and pet friendly. They work to neutralise odours, leaving behind enticing fragrances. Choose from Cherry Burst, Bubblegum Boom and Linen Fresh.

How Odour Neutraliser Gel Pots Work

All you need to do is shake the tub up, unscrew the lid and place the tub in the area with the unwanted smells. The powerful odour destroying compounds will take care of the rest, ensuring that even the strongest smells are effectively eliminated.

Placing the tub near a fan can help to disperse the odour neutraliser. The contents can also be poured out into separate containers to spread the effects out around a given space.

Note that gel tubs are not to be used as a substitute for your extraction system and carbon filter set-up (which also replenishes CO2 and removes excess heat and moisture). Rather, these tubs should be used as supplementary odour control for those times when unwanted smells are an issue.

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  • Potent odour control
  • Long-lasting: remain active for weeks
  • Available in the following fragrances: bubblegum boom, cherry burst, linen fresh
  • Easy-to-use: just remove the lid and set it down
  • Non-toxic and pet friendly
  • Cost-effective


Choose from Cherry Burst, Bubblegum Boom and Linen Fresh.

3 litre Odour Neutraliser Gel tubs are also available.

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