OCD Aerosol 750ml

OCDSKU: 811246

Fragrance: BUBBLEGUM
Sale price£8.99

Tackle Troublesome Odours Head-On with OCD Aerosols

OCD Aerosols eradicate problematic smells, leaving behind pleasant odours. Choose between Lemon, Bubblegum, Fresh Linen and Orange using the dropdown menu above.

Sprays are certainly no substitute for carbon filters and extraction systems, but they're great to have around as a back-up plan.


1 x 750ml cannister of OCD Aerosol (choose your scent above)


  • Combats pungent and stubborn odours fast!
  • Eradicates smells instead of just masking them
  • One spray is all it takes to be odour free
  • Perfect for grow rooms and tents, toilets, bins and locker rooms and more!
  • Uses complex organic odour molecules that neutralise bad smells from your environment
  • Large 750ml can comes in three alluring scents: Lemon, Bubblegum, Orange and Fresh Linen

How To Use

Hold the cannister upright and away from your body. Aim into the centre of the room or problem odour area and push down the nozzle, which will give you a short, sharp burst of freshener. Remove any residue using a clean, damp cloth.

Do NOT spray on to polished surfaces
Do NOT spray near or at plants in full flower
AVOID contact with exposed, hot lamps when spraying
NEVER ingest or spray directly in eyes or face

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