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Newa Micro-Jet 450 Water Pumps

The Micro-Jet 450 is a great little pump with proven reliability, low power consumption and noise, and a excellent flow-rate for its size. The upgraded Micro-Jet 450 Oxy Water Pump has a very nice little feature that lets you use a length of air-line tubing to draw air from above the waterline, oxygenating liquid as it passes through the unit - your roots will love it!

How the Micro-Jet 450 Works

The Micro-Jet 450 is a great little submersible water pump that’s proved its reliability to such an extent that it comes as standard with many NFT systems. Despite its compact dimensions, the Micro-Jet 450 has a flow rate of up to 450 litres per hour, making it more than capable of supplying many small to medium sized systems.

The filter screen on the underside of the pump prevents impurities from passing on into irrigation networks, lowering the chances of blockages and improving levels of efficiency in terms of flow rate. Blockages and equipment failures can lead to root-systems drying out – when this happens there is only a small timeframe to correct issues before plants start to suffer irreversible damage. Using a pump with the proven reliability of the Micro-Jet 450 helps to ensure that the chances of this are greatly reduced.

The Oxy Pump can be used with a length of air-line tubing with a plastic attachment on the end which floats on the surface, or can be hung from a convenient place above the waterline. The pump draws air in through the air-line tubing via the attachment, helping to oxygenate water / nutrient solution as it flows through the system. Better oxygenation results in healthier root systems and, in turn, stronger plants.

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1 x Micro-Jet 450 water pump of your choice (choose your pump above)


  • Compact and lightweight, yet powerful
  • Proven reliability over years of use
  • Slider controlled adjustable flow rate
  • Micro-Jet 450 Oxy Water Pump use built-in oxygenation system
  • Fits standard 13mm pipe
  • 2m power cable with 13 amp plug
  • Removable filter to help prevent blockages
  • Mounted suction cups to secure the unit in place
  • Low power consumption

How To Use

How to Use the Micro-Jet 450

The Micro-Jet 450 is perfect for use in hydroponic systems that require the movement of nutrients to-and-from container areas, such as flood and drain, NFT, run to waste-systems, dripper systems, etc. 13mm pipe can be fitted directly onto the 12mm wide outlet point of the Micro-Jet 450 and secured tightly using a separately available hose clip. Place the unit in your desired position and secure it into place using the suction pads on the underside. Always keep the 3-pin plug well away from any liquids! Ensure that any water-flow is well away from electrics before plugging the unit in and turning on at the mains. Exactly how the set-up is completed will depend on the system its being used with.

Clean the unit regularly to remove build-ups of impurities. When doing so, remove the filter screen, which slides off from the front, and clean the blue plastic filter which sits on the underside of the pump. This will help to lower the chances of a reduction in flow rate or blockage.

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