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Pump: Maxi-Jet 500
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Newa Maxi-Jet Water Pumps

Nutrient delivery systems are only ever as effective as the pump that’s used to power them. For many years now, Newa Maxi-Jet pumps have been the first port of call, and there are many reasons why. In a nutshell, Maxi-Jet pumps move large quantities of liquid quietly and efficiently, and their reliability is unquestioned. If you’re looking for an effective submersible pump, then there’s really no better all-rounder than a Newa Maxi-Jet.

How the Maxi-Jet Water Pumps Work

The Maxi-Jet Water Pumps are fully submersible water pumps that move several hundred litres of water per hour through a 12.5mm diameter outlet point. The plastic pre-filter on thess units prevent impurities from passing through the pump and on into pipe networks, lowering the chances of blockages and improving levels of efficiency and reliability.

Growers depending on pumps to move nutrient solutions to-and-from root-zones know only too well that blockages and equipment failures can lead to catastrophic effects. If root-systems dry out, there’s only a small timeframe to correct issues before plants start to suffer irreversible damage. Using a high-quality pump with the pedigree from the Maxi-Jet range helps to ensure that the chances of this are greatly reduced. The Maxi-Jet Water Pumps is powerful enough to propel water upwards through a riser pipe of a maximum of 164cm tall (depending on the pump itself). It’s also fitted with an outlet point that can be twisted to sit in any direction, rotating a full 360 degrees.

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1 x Newa Maxi-Jet water pump of your choice (choose your pump above)
1 x Plastic pre-filter
1 x Suction cup mounting frame
3 x Suction cups


  • Newa Maxi-Jet – tried and tested water pumps
  • Corrosion-resistant plastic casing
  • Fully submersible
  • Mountable suction cups to eliminate vibration
  • Reliable - engineered for continuous use
  • Very low maintenance
  • Plastic pre-filter to prevent blockages
  • 2m mains cable equipped with 13amp plug
  • Runs extremely quiet
  • All pumps feature 12.5mm outlet
  • Comes in three sizes

How To Use

How to Use Maxi-Jet Water Pumps

Always read the supplied instruction sheet carefully and follow all safety procedures to the letter. The Maxi-Jet Water Pump range is ideal for use in systems that require the movement of nutrients to-and-from root-zones, such as flood and drain, NFT, run to waste-systems, dripper systems, etc.

Set-up is easy: the unit comes with a 12.5mm outlet point that connects directly onto standard, commonly used 13mm pipe (as utilized by IWS and other systems). Use a mini hose clip to tighten the pipe around the outlet point. Once connected, keep the plug on the end of the mains cable well away from any water and submerge the pump in the liquid that you wish to move, securing the unit in place by applying pressure to the mounted suction cups. The exact setup depends on the application / system, but the basic principle is the same: the Maxijet will propel the liquid that it is submerged in through the pipe attached to its outlet.

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