Sciarid Fly Predators (Steinernema Feltiae) Tray of 50 million


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Combat Sciarid Flies the Natural Way

Nematode worms are a great way to take out sciarid flies. This tray comes with 50 million infective juveniles of the insect killing nematode, Steinernema feltiae. All you need to do is add them to some water and use them as a drench via the roots. Adult sciarid flies are commonly observed making short hops over the surface of compost. These flies can spread fungal diseases, but the most significant damage is caused by their larval stage, which feeds on plant roots, rendering them susceptible to diseases like Pythium, which is known to train-wreck entire crops. These nematodes can also be used as a foliar treatment to tackle thrips, including Western Flower Thrips, as well as leaf miners and scale insects, making them extremely versatile.

Why Choose Live Predators?

Live predators are the ultimate weapon in the fight against grow room pests. Unlike chemical pesticides, these living organisms offer a natural and environmentally friendly approach to pest control that doesn't harm beneficial insects or wildlife, and won't leave toxic residues on your crop. Plus, live predators establish themselves in your growing environment, providing ongoing protection that saves you money in the long run. Adding live predators as a preventative measure is a much better way to approach pests than to wait for signs of infestations. With their insatiable appetite for pests, live predators are highly effective at keeping populations in check, resulting in healthier, more productive crops that can reach their full potential. Choose live predator pests for a sustainable, effective, and cost-efficient pest management program.

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  • Nematode worms that love to munch on pests!
  • Takes out sciarid flies when used via the roots
  • Destroys thrips, leaf miner and scale insect when applied as a foliar
  • Also known by the brand name Exhibitline SF
  • The natural way to destroy pests - no nasty chemicals or residues
  • Saves money in the long-run when compared to other treatments
  • Used extensively in the professional horticultural industry
  • Add in some Neutralise to help your live predators flourish
  • Please note these are live predators and may take an extra day or two to arrive from the supplier

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