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Utilises Breakthrough Nutrient Formulation Technology

Nano 10⁻⁹ is the long-awaited nutrient range from the team at Global Air Supplies. It's the result of a series of breakthroughs in nutrient formulation technology, with patented components that cannot be found in any other product range! The manufacturing process behind it is, in fact, the most technologically advanced of any nutrient currently available. Nano 10⁻⁹ was engineered to deliver nutrition at a nanometre scale, making it more easily absorbed and transported. Lysine is used as a chelator to further enhance uptake rates and, as an added bonus, plants can use this extra lysine to regulate growth, stimulate responses to the environment and build proteins. This promotes extremely vigorous growth and development, while solving an array of common, nutrient-based issues like lockouts, dropouts and pH fluctuations.



1 x Coco Base+ A - 1 Litre or 1 x Hydro Base+ A - 1 Litre

1 x Coco Base+ B - 1 Litre or 1 x Hydro Base+ B - 1 Litre

1 X Root+ - 250ml

1 x Flower Start+ - 250ml

1 x Flower Boost+ - 250ml

1 x Finisher+ - 250ml


  • Brought to you by the mighty Global Air Supplies (G.A.S)
  • Utilises nanotechnology to maximise absorption
  • Very forgiving - great for beginners and experts alike
  • Contains highly available elements suspended in water, not dissolved
  • Less likely to cause blockages in your system
  • Reduces nutrient drop-out and lockouts
  • Helps to maintain optimal pH levels
  • Helps to build a more robust plant structure

How To Use

See the included feeding schedule for detailed information.

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