Multi-Socket Extension Leads

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Cable: 2-Gang - 2 metre
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Get Power to Where it's Needed

It is often the case that there are never enough electrical sockets in your grow-room, or that they are too far away from the equipment tht you need to power. These extension leads will help you to solve this grow-space problem and also give you extra sockets for extra convenience.

How the Extension Lead Works

These extension leads allow you to power multiple items of electrical equipment up to 5 metres away from your mains socket. Unlike some extension leads which use cheaper cable with a lower current rating, this one is able to safely carry up to a full 13 amps. As long as the total load of all the equipment being run from it is 13 amps or less then this is an economical and fuss-free solution.

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1 x 13-Amp Multi-Socket Extension (choose between 2m 2-gang or the 5m 4-gang)


  • The right size for the job - choose between 2 metres long and 5 metres long
  • Power up to four items of electrical equipment
  • Fitted mains plug
  • Capable of delivering up to 13 amps

How To Use

How to Use the Extension Lead

Simply plug the unit into an electrical wall outlet socket and run the socket strip to where it is needed without coiling the cable (this will reduce its current carrying ability). Be careful not to create a tripping hazard or have the cable so taut tthat it might pull the supply plug out of the wall socket. This extension lead can carrya total of 13 Amps which is equivalent to 3000 Watts (3KW) at 230 Volts (the UK supply voltage). Be very careful not to run equipment from it that draws more than a total of 3000 Watts.

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