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Model: Mist Maker 3
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Simple, Easy-to-Use Ultrasonic Foggers

These brilliant little units make increasing moisture levels a doddle. All you need to do is place them in water (just below the waterline) and they'll produce an abundance of water vapour. The three-site version gets through 900ml per hour and the five site version does 1500ml per hour! To make things as easy as possible, they each come with a float for the foggers to sit inside. These floats will keep the foggers at the right level, no matter how much water there is, allowing you to sit them in a reservoir tank or bucket.

The Mist Maker 3 is recommended for rooms with two lights and the Mist Maker 5 is recommended for rooms with four lights.

How Ultrasonic Technology Works

The Mist Maker 3 and 5 both use ultrasonic technology to generate mist. Ultrasonic sound waves are high-frequency vibrations that are in a range that's too high to be perceived by the human ear. The ultrasonic ceramic discs that sit on the surface of the unit vibrate hundreds of thousands of times per second. This generates a standing wave in the water, which breaks the water surface tension and causes tiny water droplets to be released into the air as a fine mist.

The ultrasonic ceramic disc in the Mist Maker is made of piezoelectric material, which means it can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. When an alternating current is applied to the disc, it causes it to vibrate at a very high frequency. The vibration creates a high-pressure area in the water, which generates a cloud of tiny water droplets.



Choose from the following options using the dropdown menu:

Mist Maker 3 (comes with unit & power supply - float sold seperately)

Mist Maker 5 (comes with unit & power supply - float sold seperately)

Mist Maker 3 Float

Mist Maker 5 Float

Mist Maker 3 Replacement Discs

Mist Maker 5 Replacement Discs


  • Increases moisture levels in the surrounding air - great for plants in veg
  • Sits just below the waterline, pumping out mist
  • Utilises ultrasonic technology
  • Supplied with a float, allowing you to use it in a reservoir tank or bucket
  • Low-cost spares available to keep these units running indefinitely
  • Often used for misting roots using a technique known as 'fogponics' (similar to aeroponics)
  • Great for indoor fountains, vivariums, terrariums, etc.
  • Automatically switches off if the water levels gets too low
  • Delivers great results when used with a fan to distribute the vapour

How To Use

How to Use Mist Makers

Using a Mist Maker is as simple as it gets - all you need to do is place it in water and switch it on! Just be sure to connect the power lead first. There's a two-pin connector on the end of the fogger that needs connecting to the power supply, and the power supply then needs to be plugged into a wall socket.

The manufacturers don't recommend running the unit continuously for long periods of time, so it makes sense to connect it to a timer.

The waterline should sit just above the ceramic discs, so that the unit is submerged. The only problem is that the water level will gradually drop as vapour is emitted, which can cause it to run dry if it isn't checked often enough. That's why it makes sense to use the supplied Mist Maker Float in most cases.

The Float houses the Mist Maker. It sits on top of the water keeping the Mist Maker at just the right level. That way, you can sit the Mist Maker in large volumes of water with no issues. It'll work well in a bucket or even a reservoir tank.

Changing Mist Maker Discs

The housing that secures each of the discs in place can be removed by unscrewing it (turning it anti-clockwise). It can be difficult to find a suitable tool to do this, but we found that a 50 pence piece does the job quite nicely, and without scratching the surfaces of the unit. Switch the discs around, screw everything back in place and you're good to go.

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