Method Seven Agent 939 LEDfx Glasses

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Method Seven Agent 939 LEDfx Glasses - Complete Eye Protection

When you're growing using LED grow lights such as the Maxibright, Lumatek, Omega and more, you really should be considering using Method Seven Agent 939 LEDfx Glasses. Whilst using the Method Seven Agent 939 LEDfx Glasses, you'll have crystal-clear, true colour vision as you tend to your prized plants under operational LED grow lights, protecting you from the intense, extreme light that LEDs ommit.


  • A must have essential for those using high-powdered, full spectrum LED grow lights
  • Features a ground-breaking FX lens which protects against UV and infrared
  • Helps to provide full protection of your eyes from heat and light
  • Flexible, durable and hard-wearing with their thermoplastic frame
  • Learn about the importance of protective eyewear in our blog; are LED grow lights bad for your eyes?

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