Measuring Jugs


Size: 500ml Measuring Jug
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Measuring Jugs

Our measuring jugs are great for measuring various different liquids, such as water, nutrients, boosters, pesticides etc. Great for thick liquids or larger volumes than a syringe can easily manage!

How the Measuring Jug Works

These measuring jug are tough plastic containers with markings on both sides. The markings can be used to accurately measure all kinds of liquids up to a litre in volume, even ones which are difficult to measure with a syringe such as thick and viscous liquids which a syringe will find hard to suck up, and corrosive liquids like pH up and down which will quickly perish the rubber plunger. The Measuring Jug is almost unbreakable and has a spout to help avoid drips and spills when pouring liquids back out. The strong handle makes it much easier for carrying and pouring.

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Choose either: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2 litre


  • Tough, plastic measuring jug
  • Marked with measurements on both sides to indicate the volume of liquid
  • Can be used to measure thick, viscous liquids as well as normal ones
  • No rubber - can be used to measure strong acids and alkalis like pH Up/Down
  • Strong handle for easy carrying and pouring
  • Built-in pouring spout helps avoid spills and drips

How To Use

How to Use the Measuring Jug

Simply fill the jug with the liquid to be measured until the required amount is indicated by the markings. The liquid can then be transferred to a nutrient tank or spray-bottle or other item. Always clean and dry the jug after use to avoid cross-contamination of different types of liquid. Always take reasonable precautions when handling corrosive or toxic liquids such as acids or strong pesticides.

Please note: item may differ cosmetically from the picture shown

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