Maxibright Digilight Pro Max Gold 600 Watt 240/400 Volt Variable Ballast


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One Ballast, Two Voltage Options, Four Power Modes and Incredible Value For Money!

The intelligent Maxibright Digilight Pro Max Gold with variable output ballast identifies the correct voltage required to power your lamp and then automatically adapts to the correct voltage, so you don’t need to worry about switching over from 230V to 400V. Not only that, it has four wattage settings to choose from meaning this ballast will fit into virtually any grow room setup no matter how large or small.

How the Maxibright DigiLight Pro Max Ballast Works:

The Maxibright DigiLight Pro Max Gold is the latest in a long line of digital ballast technology, allowing you to power the new higher PAR output 400V HPS lamps in your grow room from your domestic 240V supply. The great benefit of this is it gives you 10% more PAR output per watt used over your conventional ballasts it simply scales up the voltage whilst drawing the same amount of wattage making it more efficient.

By only changing the lamp in your setup it helps minimise disruption to your plants and allows you to quickly change from using a 240V metal halide growing lamp typically used for vegetative growth to a 400V HPS with ease.This saves time, money and effort by not needing to change your set up and allows greater flexibility of use during the entire growing cycle.

We recommend the Sylvania Grolux 600w/400v HPS for your flowering cycle and the Sol-Digital 600w Metal Halide for your vegetative cycle.

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  • Using 400v produces 10% more PAR than standard ballasts 
  • Run your lamp normally, dimmed or boosted at the click of a switch
  • Automatically switches between 230v and 400v, no user adjustment required
  • Four power settings to choose from 400w, 500w, 600w and 660w boost
  • Features soft start technology to protect both your lamp and ballast
  • End of lamp life detection and short circuit protection
  • Fast lamp re-strike to cope with unexpected interruptions such as a power cut.
  • Includes Surge Control to cope with any power spikes or drops
  • Silent and lightweight
  • 3 year manufacturers guarantee

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