Maxibright Pro 300w LED Grow Kit

KITSSKU: K-10036

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Incredible Light Spread and Intensity

The Maxibright Daylight 300w LED offers the same growth rates and efficiency as its 660w bigger brother, but it's much more compact, making it great for flowering with limited room, or for using as a veg light. We've teamed the Maxibright LED up with a BAY6 grow tent and a Mammoth extraction kit, complete with a Mammoth carbon filter.

About the Maxibright Grow Kit

This kit provides you with most of the equipment needed to get up and running with the Maxibright Daylight 300w Pro LED, including a BAY6 grow tent, a Mammoth TT extraction system and Mammoth carbon filter.

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Maxibright Daylight 300w Pro LED x 1
Heavy Duty Timer x 1
Rope Ratchets x 2
BAY6 100cm x 100cm x 180cm
4-Inch Mammoth TT x 1
Mammoth 4-inch carbon filter x 1
Black Combi Ducting x 5m
Duct Clip x 3


  • Produces an almost perfectly even footprint by spreading out diodes
  • Full-spectrum lighting that's tuned to get amazing results during veg and flower
  • Puts out very little heat, allowing you to easily maintain your environment
  • Comes with tent, extraction system and switching equipment
  • White combi ducting - lightproof and tear-resistant

How To Use

Check out the One Stop Blog for information on how to set up your grow tent, a guide to installing grow room extraction, and a rundown on how to set up your grow light

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