Grow Gadget Green LED Head Torch


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A Hands-Free Way of Tending to Your Plants in the Dark

Need to tend to your plants during lights off but don’t want to end up with leaf and flower burn through light intensity? Then the Grow Gadget Green LED Head Torch is the product for you. Your plants are very sensitive to harsh light during photoperiod, but now you can work on them in the dark without disrupting them.

How the Grow Gadget Green Head Torch Works

This head torch works by using green LED bulbs that work within a certain light spectrum that doesn’t interrupt the necessary photoperiod your plants need to grow. It has 3 different light settings – full, partial, strobe – which means it’s fully adjustable to suit your needs. This LED system allows you to check on your plants without causing them stress, and can trick them into thinking the lights are still off. It can also be tilted to allow for reaching smaller or difficult places in your grow space.

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  • Lightweight, hands-free design
  • Adjustable head straps for ease of use
  • Practical and efficient
  • 3 light settings from 6 high intensity LED lamps
  • Can be used without interrupting photoperiod, during lights off

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