LUMii 1000w 400v DE HPS Grow Lamp

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Use the LUMii 1000w 400v Lamp to Stimulate Explosive Flowering

The LUMii 1000w 400v Double Ended Lamp represents great value-for-money, whilst boasting higher UV and IR light than traditional single ended lamps of the same wattage. This lamp is perfect for use in the flowering phase of a plant's life cycle, as this lamp gives off high levels of PAR light that plants simply love when deep into bloom.

How the LUMii 1000w 400v Double Ended Lamp Works

This lamp is designed for use with 400v ballasts and reflectors with special double ended (DE) lamp housings. 400v ballasts convert 230v mains electricity to 400 volts in order to run lamps at higher frequencies. This in turn delivers a more intense light with a broader spectrum, which results in faster growth rates, more resilient crops and bigger yields. The LUMii 1000w 400v Double Ended Lamp is a great 1000w 400v double ended grow light for those on a tight budget that still produces very high levels of plant useable light (PAR) that plants will use to make heavy blooms of great quality.

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  • Great value-for-money 1000w 400v grow light
  • Can be used with any double ended, 400v lighting system
  • Runs at a higher frequency than standard HPS
  • More stable than traditional single ended lamps
  • Increased PAR output of 10% when compared to single ended lamps
  • Perfect for use in the flower cycle with lumen levels of 140,000
  • Only needs replacing once a year (on average) with around 10,000 light hours
  • High PAR value of 2100 umol/m2/s - as much useable plant light as the sun at midday!

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