IWS Pro Flood & Drain Grow System with 10.5 Litre Punch Pots

IWSSKU: 4640

Size: 6 Pot (100 Litre Flexi Tank)
Sale price£744.99

Comes with Thicker Pipe and Fittings for Faster Nutrient Flow and a Lower Risk of Encountering Blockages!

The IWS Flood & Drain is a fully automated feeding system that takes the strain out of tending to larger numbers of plants. This system has been a customer favourite for decades, and there are very good reasons for that: it's simple to set up and run, it makes tending to commercial scale gardens quick and easy, it allows you to control feed times with complete precision, and come harvest time, it delivers the goods!

The Pro version is equipped with thicker, 25mm (internal diameter) pipe and fittings, compared to the 13mm pipe used in the standard version. This improves nutrient flow, allowing you to flood and drain the system more quickly. There's also an extra drain pump inside the brain, which halves the time it takes to send nutrients back to your tank!

Big Punch Inner Pot (holds 10.5 litres of medium). These inners hold more medium and come with drainage holes just at the bottom, making them ideal for maximising root-space with bigger plants. They work well with clay pebbles, coco or 60/40 (clay/coco).

How the IWS Premium Flood & Drain Grow System Works

The IWS Premium Flood & Drain is a complete nutrient delivery solution that can be arranged to suit virtually any grow space. It's fully modular and adaptable, and can be upgraded to add new containers at any time.

Nutrient is pumped from the reservoir and out to the IWS Brain at user-specified times and durations (set on the IWS Minute Timer). The Brain is indirectly connected (via 25mm pipework) to the containers in the system; as it fills up, so do all of the containers. A float switch sits inside the Brain, which turns the nutrient flow from the tank off when the water level gets too high. The float height is the same as the top of the containers, preventing the system from ever flooding.

There are two parts to each container - an Inner and an Outer. The IWS Outer Pot connects to the pipework in the system, filling up with nutrient solution as the system floods. The inner pot sits inside the outer, and is perforated with holes. It contains the substrate and root-mass. As the outer fills up with nutrient the rootzone becomes saturated.

This premium version includes the brilliant IWS Minute Timer, which allows you to control flood and drain cycles (sometimes called 'ebb and flood' cycles) with military precision.

Also included is a custom-made IWS Flexi Tank. Flexi Tanks have been tested to absolute destruction and have never faltered yet. It offers all of the functionality of a standard water butt, with the ability to pack it away into a tiny space for easy transportation.

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  • Automatically feeds plants during user-set periods
  • Equipped with thicker 25mm pipework and fittings
  • Comes with the premium IWS minute timer for precision feeding
  • Comes with an IWS Flexi Tank with superior fittings
  • Known for being one of the best yielding systems out there
  • Quicker flooding and draining times thanks to increased nutrient flow
  • Reduced likelihood of experiencing blockages
  • Designed and manufactured in Britain!
  • Proven to deliver the goods - a customer favourite for years
  • Represents superb value for money
  • Manufactured from tough, crack-resistant plastic
  • Choose from multiple different system sizes - from 6-pot to 48-pot

How To Use

How to Use the IWS Premium Flood & Drain Grow System

The system is simple to put together and use. You will find the following items useful: a sharp knife or scissors (for cutting pipe), an adjustable spanner (for tightening nuts), and a container of half-boiled water (for softening pipe, making it easier to fit onto connectors). You will also need a timer or stopwatch to find the correct flood duration once the system has been put together.

The brain pot and the pot stands need to be installed on the same surface. The surface also needs to be level otherwise the system will either under or over-fill the pots.

Remember to keep your system clean and free of salt build-ups by using a product such as Dutch Pro's Keep It Clean.

Preventing Water Damage: Even with a carefully set up hydroponic system, accidents can happen, often resulting in a considerable amount of water to be released onto the floor. Plan ahead and plan for the worst. For example, sit your system in a high-sided garden/gravel tray, or use our floor-secure sheeting on your grow-room floor. It can be fitted so that it rides up each wall by a few inches, creating a “floor-basin" which could help prevent a huge amount of water damage if the worst should ever happen. In this regard, it is much better to be safe than sorry!

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