IWS Pro FlexiTank with Pipes & Pump

IWSSKU: 127065

Size: 250 Litre
Sale price£195.99

IWS Pro FlexiTank with Pipes and Pump

Please be aware that the pump include in this kit may vary from the one listed depending on stock levels. The alternative pump is the New-Jet NJ3000.

Easy to store, transport, set-up and use – the FlexiTank is one of those great ideas that was bound to happen sooner or later! The FlexiTank packs up flat and can be set up in minutes, making it far more convenient than any rigid plastic tank – brilliant! This version contains everything you need to use it with an IWS Pro system, including the Aquaking Q4003 pump, fittings and flexi pipe.

Please note: Our grow systems are designed to provide years of trouble free use, having undergone rigorous testing and development. However, at One Stop Grow Shop, we believe that it's good practice to take a few simple precautions that will reduce the risk of leakages to practically zero. For complete peace of mind, secure pipework that's joined onto barbed fittings using jubilee clips or cable ties, and place run-off trays / floor secure sheeting underneath the system & reservoir. It's much better to be safe than sorry.

How the IWS Pro FlexiTank Works

This kit contains everything required to install a FlexiTank for use with an IWS set-up, including irrigation fittings, flexi pipe, pump and power connection.

Rigid plastic reservoirs can be awkward to store, transport and get into certain places. The FlexiTank is a simple and elegant solution to those problems. The main tank fabric is made from thick, strong and flexible material with a zippered lid and the whole thing folds up flat, like a tent, for easy storage. The five support legs slide easily into ready-made vertical slots in the fabric and hold the FlexiTank in shape vertically.

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1 x FlexiTank waterproof fabric reservoir, support legs, irrigation fittings, New Jet 3000 water pump, flexi pipe FILL and DRAIN connections


  • FlexiTank – a brilliant solution for water storage
  • The perfect accompaniment to IWS setups
  • Supplied with NJ-3000 water pump – moves 3000 litres per hour
  • Packs flat for easy transportation and storage
  • Can be used in places that rigid plastic tanks won't go
  • Easy to assemble – takes minutes

How To Use

How to Use the IWS Pro Flexi Tank

Unroll the Flexi Tank fabric and slide each of the support legs up into the vertical slots located around the side-wall. Next you will need to fit irrigation fittings to the 2 holes in the top of the Flexi Tank, in order to connect up the rest of the tank assembly.

The rest of the installation process is quick and easy, and all of the fittings required to connect the Flexi Tank to your IWS Pro system are included. You will need to fit 3 sections of pipe to the 4 holes at the top of the Flexi Tank. Two 'drain' pipes connect to the MJ-1000 pumps inside the IWS Pro Brain Bucket and the 'fill' pipe connects to the Aquaking pump inside the Flexi Tank. The remaining hole at the top of the Flexi Tank is used to thread the Aquaking's power cable through, so that it can be connected to the power socket on the brain bucket.

For more information on how to utilize Flexi Tanks from this point on, take a look at our instruction guides for the IWS kits.

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