IWS Oxypot Kit

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IWS Oxypot with Air Pump Kit

Also known as a “Bubbler", the IWS Oxypot will amaze you with it's simplicity and speed of plant growth. It comes with a few improvements over the previous model that make accessing nutrients that little bit easier. This kit includes an airpump, air line tubing and airstone.

How the Oxypot Kit Works

Plants are grown in expanded clay pebbles held in a net-pot suspended just above a reservoir of nutrient solution. An external air-pump feeds air via an air-line to air-stones in the bottom of the reservoir. The air-stones produce small bubbles which oxygenate the nutrient solution. When the bubbles rise to the surface they pop, causing a fine spray of nutrient solution to wet the expanded clay pebbles above. The plant-roots grow out of the clay pebbles and down into the highly oxygenated nutrient solution, encouraging a large root-mass to grow in the reservoir.

The new V3.0 model comes with a few design tweaks that make maintenance that little bit easier. The level indicator pipe now sits inside a groove that protects it from knocks, ensuring that nutrient never spills out accidentally. With flat surfaces, fitting an extra gland is made a lot easier if, for instance, you want to connect the Oxypot to an IWS Brain Bucket (while keeping the water level indicator). The net pot (125mm) is now separate to the lid and the access hole cover is a lot easier to remove.

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  • IWS — top British hydroponic grow system manufacturer
  • Creates a super-oxygenated environment for roots to thrive
  • Tweaked and improved V3.0 model
  • Manufactured from incredibly robust, crack-resistant plastic
  • Removable 125mm net pot
  • Built-in groove for protecting indicator pipe
  • Includes air pump, air stone and air line

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