IWS Flood & Drain Pots and Outers (16 Litres)

IWSSKU: 89215

Size: 16 Litre Inner
Sale price£4.49

IWS Flood & Drain Pots and Outers (16 Litres)

Choose from a selection of components that have been designed to get the very best out of your IWS Flood & Drain system.

How the IWS Flood & Drain Works

Inner Pot

The IWS Inner Pot (16 Litre) sits inside the seperately available IWS Outer Pot as part of an IWS system and houses your choice of substrate.

280mm (h) x 280mm (d)

Outer Pot

The IWS Outer Pot (16 Litre) houses your choice of IWS Inner Pot. In a flood & drain system, the IWS Outer provides an area to flood the substrate from underneath.

280mm (h) x 280mm (d)

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Choose from the IWS 16 Litre Outer or IWS 16 Litre Inner


  • An official IWS product
  • Forms part of a complete watering solution
  • Made from tough, durable plastic

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