IWS Flexi-Pipe (Standard 13mm and 25mm Pro)

IWSSKU: 89267

Variant: 13mm IWS Flexi-Pipe (per metre)
Sale price£1.49

IWS Flexi-Pipe - Great for Upgrading Your IWS System

Additional / replacement flexi-pipe sold by the metre for IWS Standard (non-Pro) hydroponic systems. This pipe has an internal diameter of either 13mm (standard) or 25mm (pro), depending on the option selected above.

How Flexi-Pipe Works

IWS flexi-pipe is the same type of piping supplied with IWS hydroponic systems. Flexi-pipe connects the brain-pot to the outer-pots and connects outer-pots to outer-pots, allowing nutrient solution to be dispensed to each plant according to the programmed feeding schedule. IWS flexi-pipe can be used to replace damaged or clogged piping or to create longer piping runs.

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Choose between pipe with an internal diameter of 13mm or 25mm. 13mm pipe is available to purchase by the metre (up to a max length of 15 metres) or as a 15 metre roll.


  • IWS – top British Hydroponics Manufacturer
  • 13mm or 25mm internal diameter
  • Can be used to replace or extend the piping in your IWS System
  • Very flexible and strong

How To Use

How to Use IWS Flexi-Pipe

Simply cut the Standard Flexi-Pipe to the correct length using pipe-cutters or sharp scissors. Fit Tees and Elbows to the cut ends where required by warming the end of the pipe in hot water and pushing the fittings in. Finally insert the Standard Flexi-Pipe or ends of the fittings into the appropriate sealing-glands and tighten.

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