IWS Compatible Water Pumps


Pump: Newa Jet MJ1000
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Efficient, Reliable Pumps that are Ready-to-Use with IWS Systems

IWS compatible water pumps have been tried and tested over years of use by professional growers. They move a LOT of water, they're reliable and they include the bulgin connectors that you need to connect them to IWS Brain Pots. They're generally used to pump water from your tank and out towards your grow system.

How IWS Water Pumps Work

IWS Aquaking Q4003

The Aquaking is a heavy-duty pump that moves a phenomenal 7000 litres of water per hour. That’s over 116 litres every minute, approaching 2 litres per second! The Q4003 draws liquid in through its underside and drives it out through an outlet point with an external diameter of 45mm. An adapter fits onto this outlet point which reduces the outlet size to a 25mm – the internal diameter of IWS Pro flexi pipe.

The Aquaking was designed and built with robustness as a priority, as its primary use is for dealing with flooded basements and cellars. Follow the guidelines in the manual and you can be assured of its consistency and reliability.

Power: 400 watts
Flow rate: 7000 litres per hour
Immersion depth: 7 metres

IWS MJ-1000

The Maxijet pump sits at the bottom of your nutrient solution, driving nutrients from the Water Butt / Flexi Tank to the Brain Pot at a rate of 1000 litres per hour. It comes with the electrical connector that allows you to power the unit directly from the IWS Brain, as well as a generous length of cable (5.0 metres).

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1 x IWS Aquaking Q4003 or 1 x IWS MJ-1000


  • Tried and tested IWS product
  • Fully submersible
  • Consistent flow and excellent reliability
  • Highly robust with an excellent build quality

How To Use

How to Use IWS Compatible Pumps

Aquaking Q4003

Set-up of the Aquaking is relatively straightforward. The Q4003 will draw in any liquid that it is submerged in through its underside, driving it through its outlet point. This unit is supplied with a 6.0m power lead terminating with an IWS Bulgin connector, in order for it to be powered directly by your IWS Brain Controller as part of an IWS Po System. In this set-up, the pump sits at the bottom of your reservoir tank, driving nutrient solution to the brain bucket as needed. This process is regulated by the timer settings on your brain controller and the float switches that sit inside it.

Please note: Do not run the Aquaking Sump Pumps dry or you could risk burning out the motor. All Aquaking pumps comes supplied with a Euro 2 pin plug.

IWS MJ-1000

There are two lengths of flexi pipe connected to your reservoir via a set of irrigation fittings. One of them is used to fill up the Brain Pot (fill pipe) and the other is used to drain the liquid back to the reservoir once it has been sent to the individual containers (drain pipe). This pump connects to the fill pipe and sits at the bottom of the reservoir. IWS Systems come supplied with the MJ-1000 pump sealed into the fill pipe at its outlet point. For this reason, if you are replacing a damaged pump, you may need to cut a length of flexi pipe that exactly matches the pipe supplied with your tank (long enough for the pump to just reach the bottom of the nutrient solution, depending on tank size). You can then push the pipe onto the elbowed irrigation fitting at the top of the reservoir and fit the pump to the lower end. Use an aquarium sealant to secure the pump onto the fill pipe, eliminating the chances of it coming loose and interrupting your feeding regimen. The blue electrical connection can then be threaded through the hole at the top of your reservoir. Use the supplied grommet to seal the hole and attach the blue electrical connector to your brain pot, screwing it in place to form a proper seal.

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