Growmax Mega Grow 1000 - 1000 litres / day - Reverse Osmosis System


Sale price£329.99

Purifies Water, Removing Chemicals and Dissolved Minerals

Growmax reverse osmosis systems remove chemicals and contaminants, along with 99% of the mineral salts that contribute to the hardness of your water. The water this system produces is ideal for use with humidifiers & misters, as it leaves no powdery residues behind, preserving the integrity of your equipment.

Removes salts, heavy metals, chloramines, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, sediment, dirt, rust, oxidation, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic contaminants, benzenes, toluene, oils, THMs, detergents, PCBs


  • Great for reducing the hardness of your water (lowers EC)
  • Great for using with humidifying & misting equipment
  • Prevents powdery limescale build-up on equipment
  • Removes 95% of the salts found in tap water
  • Also removes dangerous heavy metals
  • Helps to create nutrient solutions with a more stable pH
  • Eco-friendly coconut carbon filters with enhanced absorption capabilities
  • Helps to preserve microbial activity in your soil for bigger and better yields
  • Cartridges last 6 months before they need replacing
  • Uses 1/4 inch pipe and fittings

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