Growmax Garden Grow - 480 litres / hour - 2-Stage Water Filter


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Growmax Water Filters - Purer Water, for a Purer End-Product!

Growmax filtering systems remove a long list of chemicals from your tap water. If you're looking to grow medicinal grade herbs, then you're going to need to ensure that you're not adding unwanted chemicals to your nutrient regime. Contaminants often found in tap water are generally only found in low concentrations. However, over time, the concentrations of these contaminants can build up in the substrate and cause problems. For a truly clean & clear end-product, you should filter your water before adding it to your reservoir. Growmax filtering systems remove chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and volatile organic contaminants. With purer water, you'll experience much less pH fluctuation and the beneficial micro-organisms in your substrate will also have a much easier time colonising the root mass. Growmax systems are incredibly easy to use – just connect up an inlet and outlet pipe and you're away. Adding a filtering system is a real no brainer, and something that everybody should be doing to improve the quality of their end product.


  • Removes chlorines, pesticides, herbicides and volatile organic compounds
  • Helps to create nutrient solutions with a more stable pH
  • Eco-friendly coconut carbon filters with enhanced absorption capabilities
  • Helps to preserve microbial activity in your soil for bigger and better yields

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