Twisty Tie 50-Metre Roll


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Twisty Tie 80-Metre Roll

Our Twist Tie is the same as what you use to seal up sandwich or freezer bags except it comes on an 80 metre roll! Great for attaching plants to supports. Simply pull out the length you want from the centre of the roll and use the attached cutter to snip it off.

How the Twisty Tie Roll works:

Our Twisty Tie Roll is a great alternative to using string or twine to tie branches etc to supports in your garden. Twisty Tie is simple to use and makes it easy to connect 2 things tightly together. Twisty Tie is non-absorbant so it doesn't provide a breeding ground for moulds if it gets wet or damp like traditional string does. It is much easier to tighten and release connections made with a twisty tie.

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  • Great for tying branches and stems to support stakes
  • Made of plastic coated bendable wire
  • Non-absorbant - doesn't provide a breeding ground for mould

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