Grow Gadgets 3KW Greenhouse Heater


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Grow Gadgets 3KW Greenhouse Heater - Cost-Effective, Fan-Assisted Heating

The Grow Gadgets 3KW Greenhouse Heater will heat up your grow space quickly and effectively - and for an excellent price! At 3k, it's extremely powerful and can cover larger areas with ease. Its heating elements don't glow, so it won't interrupt light cycles, like other versions out there. At only £59.95, it's a great little investment for the colder periods of the year and gives you one of the best budget grow room heaters on the market.

How the Grow Gadgets 3KW Greenhouse Heater Works

When outdoor temperatures start to drop, a good grow room heater will help you to maintain optimal conditions. This ensures that growth rates remain as fast as possible, keeping plants healthy and productive. The Grow Gadgets 3KW Greenhouse Heater is built with an internal heating element and a fan. The fan pushes any heat generated by the element out into the room as quickly as possible, helping to spread it out evenly.

The Grow Gadgets 3KW Greenhouse Heater has built-in thermal protection, giving you peace of mind while you're away from your grow room. If room temperatures go above 55 °C, then the heater automatically cuts out.

Ideally, you should always run grow room heaters on thermostats. That way, they'll only get powered up whenever they're needed. This makes your heating as energy efficient as possible, saving you money on electricity. It also keeps environmental conditions within optimal ranges, facilitating rapid, healthy plant growth.

Running this heater with a thermostat is also very simple. All you need to do is plug the heater into the thermostat and plug the thermostat into a wall socket. Set your desired room temperature and the heater will get powered up whenever it's needed.

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  • Perfect for a 3m² area
  • Comes in at an amazing price-point - excellent value for money
  • Heats your grow space quickly and effectively - no need to heat up like radiators
  • Adjustable output and three operating modes: 1500w, 3000w and fan only
  • Features auto-shut-off safety thermal protection for complete peace of mind
  • IP24 rating makes it very safe for grow room use
  • Maintains optimal growth rates during colder periods
  • Doesn't glow up like cheaper versions, so it won't disturb light cycles
  • Can be used as a fan during the summer months!
  • Attention: The Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat CANNOT be used with the Grow Gadgets 3KW Greenhouse Heater

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