Green Planet Nutrients - Dense 1kg


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Increases Yields and Overall Quality

Dense Bud Compactor is a potent flowering booster that contains large doses of potassium (PK 0-62). It helps to bulk up fruits for bigger and better harvests.

How Dense Works

Potassium is an essential plant nutrient that is required in very large quantities by plants. It is involved in many important plant processes, including photosynthesis, water uptake, and the transport of nutrients and water. Demand for potassium increases greatly during the bloom phase and a deficiency will have dramatic effects on the size of your harvest. Green Planet's Dense accounts for this by giving your plants access to large quantities of potassium when added.


  • Powerful powdered dry fertiliser
  • Formulated with a big dose of potassium (0-0-62)
  • Supports photosynthesis and sugar production
  • Increases protein content and improves translocation of vital fluids
  • Delivers bigger crop yields and better overall quality
  • Helps to harden and ripen fruits
  • Highly effective in any medium or grow system

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