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Powerful Bat Guano Additive

Guanokalong Powder is one of the most popular guano additives on the market. Bat guano consists of accumilated bat droppings that have solidified in caves over many years. Guano is extremely rich in macro and micronutrients that promote rapid growth and development. Over time, microorganisms in the soil break the guano down, making the nutrients available to your plants.

All you need to do is mix a small quantity in with your substrate when you're potting up and let the microorganisms do the rest.


  • High-grade bat guano additive
  • Absolutely loaded with macro and micronutrients
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Stimulates rapid root growth
  • Promotes abundant flowers and heavy druits
  • Protects plants from pathogenic bacteria and fungi
  • Slow-release - makes nutrients available gradually
  • Can be stored for years at a time

How To Use

For outdoor cultivation, use 1 kg of Guanokalong Powder for every 5 -10 square metres. If needed, you can top-dress with a light dusting and rake it into the soil.

Indoors, use 100 grams of Guanokalong Powder for every 15 litres of soil. Later on, give plants a light top-dressing if needed and water in thoroughly.

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