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Terra Aquatica Protect - Strengthen Your Plant Against Disease

Terra Aquatica Protect has been developed by experts as a highly-concentrated immune system activator, increasing the production of alkaloidal saps in your plants leaves and flowers. It's fully organic, too, with no nasty chemicals, making it safe to use on all conumable crops. With greater levels of resistance, your plants are less likely to be affected by stressors like pests and diseases or poor environmental conditions, allowing them to reach their full potential.

How Terra Aquatica Protect Works

Terra Aquatica Protect is a concentrate made from natural ingredients and used as a foliar spray to increase a plant's defences against bugs. Terra Aquatica Protect is diluted before use and then applied as a foliar spray. Terra Aquatica Protect works in two different ways: firstly, it contains naturally derived amino acids which strengthen the plant's immune systems to withstand and fight off attack. Secondly, Terra Aquatica Protect contains natural essential oils which are layed down onto the leaf and actively repel bugs.


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  • Powerful plant tonic - strenghtens plants' immunes systems
  • Builds up resistance to pests, diseases and stressors
  • Formerly known as General Hydroponics or GHE
  • One of the OG nutrient manufacturers
  • Co-developed by a NASA scientist and still used by NASA and leading research labs and universities
  • Made with natural, organic ingredients
  • Applied from the later vegetative stages to the early flowering stages

How To Use

Copies of the Terra Aquatica feed charts can be fund in the downloads section. Scroll to the bottom of the PDF and you'll see a section on 'Supplement Sprays'.

Protect is used as a foliar treatment. Add it to your sprayer at a rate of 5ml per litre. Spray it over your plants from the early vegetative stages to the early flowering stages.


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