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Optimise Growroom Conditions by Regulating Lighting and Fans from the Same Controller

Fine-tune your environment with an EL1F or EL2F, which regulate Gavita lighting and EC fans from a single point. Let the powerful onboard algorithms maintain an optimal environment and make your indoor garden as productive as possible. You'll reap the rewards come harvest time!

If you don't need EC fan control functionality, take a look at the regular Gavita EL1 and EL2 models.

How EL1F and EL2F Master Controllers Work

The EL1F and EL2F take the original range of Gavita lighting controllers and improve on them by adding precise EC fan control functionality. This allows you to run Vector EC fans without needing a separate controller. These controllers utilise intelligent PID (proportional, integral, derivative) control algorithms, which are designed to regulate temperatures without too much oscillation (swings between states). PID control continuously monitors temperatures and 'learns' how to regulate fans to maintain temperatures consistently without fluctuations, for a more stable environment. The EL1F has one fan socket and supports up to two fans; the EL2F has two sockets and supports up to four fans.

These controllers are also capable of logging events that will shed light on how well your grow room has been working while you've been away. Metrics include high / low temps, autodim events, shutdowns and power outages.

The EL2F model features the same 'inverse' mode (otherwise known as 'flip flop' mode) found on previous models. This allows you to stagger two different rooms, each running a 12/12 lighting cycle. Now, you can also run different cycles across the two channels if necessary, such as 12/12 on one channel and 18/6 on the other, giving you the flexibility to control your grow rooms exactly how you need them.

Inside the box, you'll find a cone-shaped plastic hood that fits around the temperature probe. This hood prevents the probe from getting hit with direct light, which helps to ensure accurate readings, enabling the controller to work more effectively.

Seasoned growers know that replicating plants' natural conditions as closely as possible is the key to successful indoor gardening. In the outdoors, the transition from light to dark (and vice versa) is very gradual. However, when using a contactor and timer, lighting switches on and off almost instantaneously. The Gavita Master Controller's sunrise/sunset feature takes care of this issue by easing the light levels up and down gently. You can even select the length of time that you'd like the lights to take to do this. The possibility of experiencing botrytis (rot) is then greatly reduced. If lights switch on suddenly, it takes a little while for the temperature of plant matter to reach an equilibrium with the temperature of the air in the room. During this period, the colder outer edges of fruits and leaves make contact with warm air. When warm air hits cold surfaces, condensation forms, and this causes big problems! Moisture sets into delicate areas, triggering botrytis (rot), which can devastate entire crops. By doing things gradually, you'll greatly reduce the chances of this ever happening.

The EL1F and EL2F keep your growroom running sweetly by automatically dimming lighting whenever temps creep above user-selected settings. This helps to keep leaf stomata open, maintaining rates of photosynthesis. You can also choose an emergency setting that switches lights off altogether should temperatures get too high, giving you peace of mind when you leave your growroom.

The Gavita EL2 also deals with issues to do with inrush current – a problem that particularly affects growers running multiple lighting systems, as ballasts tend to cause a spike in power when they are first switched on.

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EL1F: 1 x controller unit, 2 x controller cables (1 for fan and 1 for lights) 1 x power cable, 1 x temperature probe, 1 x temperature probe cover, 2 x screws and raw plugs (for mounting), 1 x user manual

EL2F:  1 x controller unit, 4 x controller cables (2 for fan and 2 for lights) 1 x power cable, 1 x RJ9 fan port splitter, 2 x temperature probes, 2 x temperature probe cover, 2 x screws and raw plugs (for mounting), 1 x user manual

Recommended additional purchases

GAS Gavita Male Cable 5m


  • Centralised lighting and EC fan control - manages environmental conditions with pinpoint accuracy
  • Connects directly to Vector ECs fans (cable purchased separately)
  • Now compatible with V2 Hyper Fans
  • Features event-logging capabilities, providing you with additional growroom data
  • Stores data in the event of a power interruption
  • Simple four-button control - very easy to program
  • Plug and play – very easy to install
  • High-contrast OLED display with simple, easy to program interface
  • Daisy chains up to 80 Gavita E-Series fixtures / ballasts (40 on the EL1F)
  • Tackles inrush current issues when running multiple lights
  • Intelligent PID fan control for stable environmental conditions
  • Controls lighting output levels in 10 watt increments from 50% to 115%
  • Sunrise / Sunset' mode eases plants from night to day (and vice versa)
  • 'Auto-dim' and 'auto-shutdown' modes to automatically reduce lighting output in high temps
  • Capable of logging high and low temps, autodim events, shutdowns and power outages

How To Use

How to Use EL1F and EL2F Master Controllers

EL1F and EL2F controllers are compatible with Gavita E-Series lighting equipment and digital fans, like the Revolution Vector.

If you want to use external contactor modules to regulate the switching of other items of grow room equipment, such as heaters, you'll need to invest in the EL2F.

You'll find a copy of the instruction manual included in the box. Alternatively, check out the links below for PDF versions.

What Cables Do I Need?

These units are supplied without fan cables. Use the 5m - Non-Active Male Cable for EL1F and EL2F (Pack 10) to connect straight into a digital fan.

If you want to control two fans:

Use a 5m - Non-Active Male Cable for EL1F and EL2F (Pack 10) to connect to the controller, then…

Connect to a 2m ‘Female to Female’ (Pack 7).

Out to a Non-Active Y-Splitter (Pack 3).

Then out of the Y-Splitter at both ends with 2x 5m Male to Male’ (Pack 2), which will connect up to your fans.

Please note - to control balancing, you'll need to use the FB1 Module, and for AC fans, you'll need to use the EFM1 module - Available Soon

Hyper Fan V2

The cables and connectors required to connect up Hyper Fan V2s are included with each Hyper Fan.


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