Garland Trays


Size: Standard Tray
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Garland Tray

Larger sizes of Garland Trays are susceptible to damage during transit. For this reason, they are not available to order online by default, though we can arrange to send them out as part of a pallet delivery. All sizes are available instore - please contact us with any queries.

Trays have lots of uses within a grow-room. They can hold pots, form part of a flood and drain table, catch spills and so on. All our trays are made of tough, durable plastic and can be easily drilled if required.

How the Garland Tray Works

The sturdy plastic tray with lipped sides works as a catch-container for liquids and mediums. Garland Trays are easy to drill for DIY adaptation.

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1 x Garland Tray (choose your size from the list):

Garland Standard Tray: 570mm x 380mm x 50mm (86849)
Garland Square Tray: 590mm x 590mm x 120mm (86872)
Garland Jumbo Tray: 1180mm x 390mm x 50mm (86862)
Garland Giant Tray: 1090mm x 550mm x 50mm (86852)
Garland Giant Plus Tray: 1200mm x 550mm x 50mm (86855)
Garland Titan Tray: 1000mm x 550mm x 150mm (86882)
Garland 1 Metre Square Tray: 1000mm x 1000mm x 120mm (86887)
Garland 1.2 Metre Square Tray: 1200mm x 1200mm x 125mm (86886)
Garland Boot Tray: 790mm x 400mm x 40mm (86863)
Garland Grow Bag Tray: 1000mm x 400mm x 40mm (86864)


Round plant pot saucers are available here.


  • Tough and durable
  • Capable of handling large volumes of water
  • Lots of applications in an indoor garden
  • Great alternative to using lots of saucers in a multi-pot garden

How To Use

How to Use the Garland Tray

A Garland Tray can be placed underneath your plant-pots as an alternative to using individual saucers underneath each pot. Garland Trays can be used at the bottom of a grow-tent or grow-space to catch accidental spills or to prevent water-damage should a leak occur in your hydroponic system.

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