G.A.S. DiffuseAir Kit - Complete with RVK & Rope Ratchets

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The Diffuse Air Kit - Everything You Need for a Uniform Growing Environment

This kit provides you with all of the components required to form a complete DiffuseAir set-up. Air diffusers perform the same role as your circulation fan, but in a vastly superior way. Instead of directing air movement straight at plants, it diffuses it uniformly around the grow area, preventing issues with windburn and eliminating microclimates (uneven environmental conditions). Remember, your environment is one of the real keys to producing bumper crops. Upgrade today and your plants will thank you for it!

Beware of cheap copies of the Diffuseair that don't disperse air as uniformly as the original model. Slight changes to the angles in the metalwork can make huge differences to the air movement in the grow area – a small saving when getting set up could end up costing you £££s further down the line.

How the DiffuseAir Kit Works

Air circulation is essential to successful indoor growing for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to keep environmental conditions uniform around the grow area. Without adequate air movement, areas directly around leaves can become depleted of CO2 and photosynthesis can start to slow down. This is bad news for your plants – reduced photosynthesis means smaller, weaker plants that are more vulnerable to pests and diseases, and lower yields... Any air circulation should cause leaves and branches to move very gently, which helps to strengthen plants up. It works a bit like resistance training in humans. Microtears are formed during movement, and plants then heal from these tears and come back tougher than ever. It’s always about getting the balance right, though, and you should note that too much air movement blown directly at plants has a detrimental effect, causing them to lose too much water, which can increase the build-up of salts.

The DiffuseAir has been designed and engineered to tick the boxes mentioned above in a way that’s vastly superior to traditional fans. It has has two main purposes, which are quite similar:

A) It can distribute air from your intake fan
B) It can be used as a 'mixer', evening out the environment in the grow area

You can find out more by checking out the following video:

To see our full Circulation Fans & Air Diffusers range, click here



1 x Diffuse Air unit (with 4 x hanging brackets & 4 x screws for securing the unit to your RVK)
1 x RVK (matched to the size of your DiffuseAir)
1 x 5m IEC extension cable
1 x 2m IEC cable
2 x sets of Rope Ratchets


  • Complete kit including DiffuseAir, RVK and Rope Ratchets
  • Maintains a consistent environment right the way through the grow area (no hotspots or microclimates) 
  • Designed by the expert growers at Global Air Supplies, partners of Systemair
  • The culmination of years of testing and development in real-world environments
  • Aerodynamically efficient
  • Designed to pair up perfectly with an RVK Duct Fan
  • Can be used for distributing air from your intake fan or for mixing air within the grow room
  • Eliminates issues with windburn often caused by typical fans
  • Can be set up and hung within minutes
  • Takes up no floor space (save that for extra plants!)

How To Use

How to Use the DiffuseAir Kit

Setting up a DiffuseAir system is an absolute doddle. It’s as simple as attaching it to a suitably sized RVK. There are four holes near the top of the unit that you can use to screw into your RVKs spigot (screws are supplied). This makes the join nice and secure.

You’re also going to need to hang it. The team at G.A.S. have made this easy for you by including hanging plates. To fit these plates, all you need to do is loosen the screws that sit around the circumference of the RVK and slide a hanging plate over each one. You can then tighten the screws back up and you’ve got something to hang your RVK from.

We recommend hanging your DiffuseAir system with Rope Ratchets. Jack chain is fine, but Rope Ratchets give you extra flexibility for adjusting height levels as your plants grow taller. You can alter them quickly and easily by pushing the buttons in and pulling the strings.

Check the attachments tab for a copy of the supplied instruction sheet.

It should be noted that, when your DiffuseAir System is used as a mixer, it won’t be connected to ducting. For this reason, it will run more loudly than a typical circulation fan. We recommend using your RVK with a temperature regulated fan speed controller. That way, it will automatically reduce airflow and noise levels during dark periods when temperatures are less of a concern.

WARNING: always ensure that you keep your fingers well away from the spinning blades of your RVK fan.

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