G.A.S. Day & Night Temperature Controller

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Control Over Heating Devices for Both Day & Night

Introducing the G.A.S Heater Controller - the ultimate solution for maintaining temperature in any space, day or night. Crafted by G.A.S, a trusted leader in home climate control solutions, this controller offers unparalleled precision and ease of use.

Featuring two ergonomic dials, one for daytime settings on the left and one for night time settings on the right, you can effortlessly tailor the temperature to suit your schedule. Whether day or night, this controller ensures your environment remains comfortably heated.

Bid farewell to chilly spaces and embrace consistent warmth throughout your day. The G.A.S Heater Controller allows you to personalize settings to your exact preferences, ensuring optimal conditions at all times.


  • Developed to control heaters for both day and night.
  • The Heater Controller is for use with your existing heater. Use the dials to set specific temperature for day and night.

How To Use

Use the left hand dial to set your desired daytime temperature.
Use the right hand dial to set your desired night time temperature.
The controller will now control the temperature by switching the heater on and off
based on the desired temperature for day or night. The green LED will light when the
heater is switched on.
Remember that the controller can only add heat if it’s too cold, it cannot remove heat
if it’s too hot.
A rapid flashing of the green LED indicates a problem with the sensor. Replacement
sensors are available.

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