FloraMax Root-XS

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Faster, Healthier Root Growth

The healthier the root zone is, the bigger and better your plants will be. Root-XS contains an array of 'revolutionary organic compounds' that delivers a heavier, denser, thriving root-mass. The team at FloraMax have taken the most potent compounds from organic ingredients and refined them into purified forms that your plants can easily absorb. Like the other products in the range, Root-XS is formulated to run 'cleanly', leaving no residues or films on your equipment, which in turn prevents blockages.

Root growth and development is the driving force behind healthy plants. With a stronger rootzone, you can also expect to see faster all-round growth, for faster turnaround times during the veg stages, as well as fatter harvests further down the line.


Choose between 1 litre and 5 litre sizes using the dropdown menu above.


  • Massively accelerates root growth and development
  • Reduces rootzone stress - makes transplanting as seemless as possible
  • Helps to 'green up' foliage and speed up growth
  • A naturally derived product - no nasty PGRs
  • Formulated to run 'cleanly' without causing blockages
  • Add it at 2ml per litre in veg and 0.5ml per litre in bloom

How To Use

To stimulate root development in the veg stages, add Root-Xs at a rate of 2ml per litre of nutrient solution. When you get to the bloom phase, drop down to 0.5ml per litre to maintain root health.

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