Flange Replacement for Opticlimate


Size: 10 inch ( 250mm)
Sale price£14.99

Flange - For Use With The Opticlimate Pro 3 Air Conditioning Systems

A genuine replacement flange for connecting ducting to your Opticlimate System. Nobody likes a worn, over used flange. We offer replacement flanges for all varieties of Opticlimate, select your size from the dropdown menu. Our easy guide below tells you which size replacement flange you will need for which Opticlimate system.

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What Size Flange is My Opticlimate?

Opticlimate Pro 3 - 3500 - 10 inch
Opticlimate Pro 3 - 6000 - 10 inch
Opticlimate Pro 3 - 10000 - 12 inch
Opticlimate Pro 3 - 15000 - 12 inch

How To Use

How to Use a Replacement Flange

Using a flange couldn't be easier, your flange can be inserted and done within seconds. Simply remove the old flange and install your new one using a drill and Tek screws. These flanges are also used when installing Plenum Boxes (which allow you to run your opticlimate outside of your growing environment)

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