Fireblitz Dry Powder ABC Automatic Extinguisher (2KG)


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Safety, At An Affordable Price!

It's every grower's responsibility to ensure that their indoor garden operates safely, so a fire extinguisher is a must-have item for every growroom. The trouble is, typical fire extinguishers require an operator. In a situation where a fire develops and there's nobody around to deal with it, they're of very little use. The FireBlitz Automatic Extinguisher, however, is self-activating - just mount it to the wall using the supplied bracket, and it will spring into action in the unfortunate event of a fire bringing the temperature above 79 degrees centigrade. At this tempreture it will disperse its fire-killing contents over an area upto 2 m², instantly stopping a grow room fire. We wouldn't grow without one.

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  • Compact & Economical  automatic extinguisher
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Stored Pressure - Easy low-cost maintenance
  • Covers an area upto 2 m²
  • Suitable for A,B and C Class fires
  • Safe for use on electrical equipment
  • Supplied with powder coated, steel wire bracket

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