Fast Clamp


Size: 4 Inch (102mm)
Sale price£13.99

Fast Clamp

Quickly join a Carbon Filter directly to your Duct Fan with a Fast Clamp. Eradicates the need for a length of flexi-ducting and 2 Duct Clips.

How a Fast Clamp Works

A Fast Clamp is a wide metal collar, lined with dense foam, which can be tightened around the join between a duct fan and a carbon filter. The collar is tightened with a 6mm allen (hex) key. The strong wide collar forms a very strong mechanical connection between the fan and filter while the thick dense foam makes an air-tight seal between the two.

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1 x Fast Clamp in the diameter of your choice


  • Directly joins a Carbon Filter to a Duct Fan
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Forms a strong mechanical and air-tight join

How To Use

How to Use a Fast Clamp

Using a 6mm allen (hex) key, unwind the tightening bolt on the side of the Fast Clamp by turning it anticlockwise. The Fast Clamp only needs to opened enough to enable it to be slid over the flanges on the carbon filter and the inlet side of the duct fan. Once the Fast Clamp is completely over both flanges, turn the 6mm allen (hex) bolt clockwise until the join is tight. Take care not to over-tighten the clamp as this may bend or break one or both of the flanges.

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