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Natural Extract Biostimulant for Enhanced Flowering

Roxy is a concentrated nutrient blended with a biostimulant which is designed to specifically stimulate and prolong enhanced flowering. Roxy contains only natural plant extracts with natural growth hormones. Roxy will improve size and quality of flower yield over the shortest of growing periods and will produce maximum effect when used in conjunction with quality feeds. It can be used in either hydroponic or soil/compost based growing systems and is effective as a foliar spray. Contains no hazardous ingredients or agrochemical plant growth regulators.



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  • Improve size and quality of flower yield
  • Reduced growing periods.
  • Natural extracts
  • Concentrated nutrient biostimulant
  • Enhance flowering

How To Use

How to Use Roxy

Roxy can be used in all growing systems. Ensure all equipment is clean and free of residues from previous use. Shake or stir Roxy thoroughly before slowly adding required quantity to fresh solution. Mix well before use and make up a solution for one week's use, then top up as necessary.

Rates of Use

Recirculating Hydroponic Systems: Always add to fresh solution, Use 3 mls of Roxy per litre of nutrient solution. Use from 12th to 14th day of flowering for a minimum of 10 days, and a maximum of 21 days

Run-to-waste Hydroponic Systems: Use 5mls per litre and continue for a minimum of 10 days.

Soil/Compost based Systems: Use 5 mls per litre of nutrient solution and make up 10 litres to treat each square metre of growing area.

Foliar Application: 10 ml per litre: Can be used to initiate flowering; or apply every 7 days during flowering.

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