Evoponic - Bud Bulk (0-47-34)

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Bud Bulk - for Meaty Flowers and Fruits

This beefy flowering additive is designed for use after the second week of the flowering phase between weeks 3 and 6. Bud Bulk is a complete flower enhancer, rich in Amino acids and unique growth trace elements formulated to promote big, luscious flowers and meaty, pungent fruits. Bud Bulk is the essential enhancer for the advance grower and goes hand in hand with standard flowering nutrition.



Your choice of size packet of Bud Bulk


  • Stimulates growth
  • Small quantities yield big results
  • Fills out your fruits
  • Rich source of Phosphorus and Potassium
  • Added Amino acids

How To Use

How to Use Bud Bulk

Add Bud Bulk to your reservoir at the rates shown below and top up with your base nutrient until you reach the desired EC/CF level, then adjust

Week 3 - Add 0.3 grams per litre

Week 4 - Add 0.3 grams per litre

Week 5 - Add 0.3 grams per litre

Week 6 - Add 0.4 grams per litre

Week 7 - Add 0.4 grams per litre

Stop using PK Bulk for the last week, during the final flush.

Be sure that the solution is well mixed and fully dissolved before use.

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