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Delivers nine macro and micronutrients

This diverse fertiliser is a staple in any garden. Micro works on the small but most important functions of the plant, delivering nine different macro- and micronutrients. When used in combination with its partners Grow and Bloom, it also provides all three primary nutrients.

Micro offers nitrogen (N) and potassium (K) from the essential NPK. Nitrogen is vital in forming the foundations of plant proteins; potassium ensures it develops to its full potential by facilitating nutrient movement and protein and starch synthesis.

3-part mix

Micro works alongside Emerald Harvest Grow and Bloom to increase all aspects of plant health. The formulas are flexible so that growers can increase or decrease feeding rates in line with their plants’ development.

Micro gets its name from all the micronutrients it’s packed with. These are the elements that are required only in small quantities but are still essential for a plant’s growth.

This solution also has the highest nitrogen content of the three nutrients, making it the go-to for lush leaf canopies and steady photosynthesis.

A bit of everything

Micronutrients nourish the plant and help it to perform its necessary functions. They’re sometimes considered insignificant because of their name – but a lack of these seven vital elements can seriously impact plant defences and metabolism.

Since they are only needed in such small amounts, it can be difficult to regulate micronutrient intake. Micro provides ideal amounts of copper, molybdenum, iron, zinc, sodium, cobalt, manganese, and boron, as well as the macronutrient calcium for cell wall structure.


  • 3-part nutrient mix
  • Works with Emerald Harvest Grow and Bloom
  • Source of calcium plus eight micronutrients
  • Prevents deficiency-related discolouring, root swelling, leaf loss, and necrosis
  • Encourages photosynthesis and formation of plant proteins

How To Use

How to use Emerald Harvest Micro?

The feeding chart below is suitable for hydroponic use in drain-to-waste or recirculating systems. For best results, use Micro in the suggested quantities throughout the entire vegetative and flowering stages.

The “Grow, Micro, Bloom” nutrient trio is designed to be flexible. Growers may adjust the quantities to suit their plants’ needs. You may wish to increase the quantities of Micro if plants display signs of nitrogen deficiency (yellowing, stunted growth) or deficiency in any of the micronutrients (including but not limited to: stubby, swollen roots; loss of plant tissue; browning of leaf tips).


Seedlings and Cuttings: 0.5ml/L;

Transplants: 0.5ml/L;

Early Vegetative Stage: 0.75ml/L;

Late Vegetative Stage: 1.0ml/L.


Weeks 1-3: 1.0ml/L;

Weeks 4-5: 1.25ml/L;

Weeks 6-7: 1.5ml/L;

Week 8: 1.0ml/L.

Week 9: 0.5ml/L.

If necessary, growers may include additional weeks between weeks 4 and 5 of the flowering stage.

Never mix undiluted nutrients. Always add one nutrient solution at a time and mix thoroughly before adding the next.

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