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Size: 0.95 Litre
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Give your young plants the perfect start to life!

Harvest robust, fragrant crops with Emerald Harvest Bloom. Rich in phosphorus and potassium, this unique easy to use blend supports flower development and encourages productivity in your gardens flower phase. Our bloom formulation is tailor made from the highest quality essential elements to invigorate your high value plants to heavy yields.

Harvest the best from your grow room with Emerald Harvest 3-part base nutrient series, designed especially for professional gardeners like you and to give your crops what they need when they need it most.


  • Enjoy maximum flexibility in mixing ratios
  • Reach your plants maximum potential with professional results
  • See the rewards at harvest time with your feeding program

How To Use


  • Application: diluted and added to mix or reservoir
    • 0.5ML per litre ( seed & cuttings) 1.50ml (early veg)
    • 2ml (late beg) 0.5ml (early to mid flower)

Time of Use: Seedling/cuttings to mid flower

NPK RATIO – 2-1-6

Grow: Revitalise your feeding program. Emerald Harvest Grow is engineered to accelerate crop growth and prepare your plants for a vigorous harvest

Our grow formulation is tailor-made from the highest-quality essential elements to keep your plants growing strong.

Micro: Revitalise your feeding program. Nourish your valuable crops and prepare your plants for abundant flower formulation.

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