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Bigger fruits, tastier plants!

Blooming goodness

Derived from monopotassium phosphate, potassium sulphate, and magnesium sulphate, this mix is designed to aid the blooming stage and produce large, flourishing fruits and flowers.

PK is needed for the transportation of air, water, and nutrients around a plant’s root system and the development of new tissue. Emerald Harvest Bloom also packs a punch with secondary nutrients magnesium and sulphur, both vital for the formation of chlorophyll and lush, green foliage.

Works with Grow and Micro

Bloom comes as part of a 3-part blend, which can be used in any ratio to optimise your garden. Spot what your plants need and adjust for the strongest, largest, and healthiest results. It contains higher levels of phosphorus than its partners Grow and Micro, since this compound is associated with plant tissue development and accelerated maturity.

If your leaves appear pale, dull, or reddish, it might be a sign of phosphorus deficiency - increase your dosage of Bloom and see larger, faster-growing fruits and flowers.


  • Powerful PK booster for the flowering stage

  • Designed to work with Emerald Harvest Grow and Emerald Harvest Micro

  • Monopotassium phosphate boosts root development

  • Potassium sulphate increases sugar concentration

  • 3-part nutrient series gives tailored control

How To Use

How to use Emerald Harvest Bloom?

Bloom is a versatile, soluble nutrient solution and may be used in all forms of growing media, including coco, soil, mixed substrates, and in hydroponic systems and reservoirs.

Though it is most effective in the bloom stage, Bloom should be used throughout the entire growth cycle to prepare plants for maximum fruit and flower growth. 

The following feeding advice is based on a 4-week vegetative growth cycle and a 9-week flowering stage, for all growing media in a recirculating or drain-to-waste system. Growers may add additional weeks if necessary between weeks 4 and 5 of the flowering cycle. 

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