ElectriQ 10 litre Dehumidifier


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Optimise Growth with an ElectriQ Dehumidifier

When conditions are too moist, using a dehumidifier will stop plant growth from slowing down and prevent issues with mould and rot. This ElectriQ Dehumidifier can extract up to 10 litres of water from the air per day making it a great choice for hobby growers.

How the ElectriQ 10L Dehumidifier Works

The environmental conditions in your grow space are very important. A relative humidity level that is too high not only affects plant growth, it also creates the perfect conditions for mould and rot to take hold. If this is the case in your grow space then a dehumidifier can be used to correct the situation.

The ElectriQ 10L dehumidifier works by drawing air in with a fan and cooling it with a heat exchange unit. As the air is cooled, the water in it condenses out and is then collected in a 1.5 litre tank. Or it can be piped directly into a drain via the supplied 60cm length of tubing. It can extract up to 10 litres of water from the air per day! The higher the humidity and temperature of the air, the faster that water will be collected.

Key Features

Auto Mode: switches the unit on and off as needed, in order to maintain your chosen humidity level.

Laundry Mode: stays on continuously.

Desired Humidity: allows you to choose your ideal relative humidity.

Fan Speed: choose between high and low settings.

Clean Mode: dries out the unit ready for storage.

Timer: choose between 'Delayed Power-On' and 'Delayed Power-Off'.

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  • Reduces damp and risk of mould and rot
  • Removes up to 10 litres of water from the air per day
  • Maintains humidity levels between 30% and 80% (Auto Mode)
  • Can also to be set to run continuously (Laundry Mode)
  • Includes a timer function which can turn off the unit after a set amount of time
  • Automatically goes into standby mode when the tank is full (1.5 litres)
  • Supplied with 60cm drainage pipe to connect directly to a reservoir
  • Comes with carrying handle for easy transportation

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