Grow Tools EZI-Roll Light Hangers


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Grow Tools EZI-Roll Light Hangers


Grow Tools EZI-Roll light hangers make raising or lowering the height of your reflector an absolute doddle! Get rid of the clanking chains and the knotted string – try a pair of EZI-Rolls today! They feature a greatly enhanced, harmonic steel internal mechanism for improved sturdiness and reliability.

How EZI-Rolls Work

A EZI-Roll hanger set is an easy-to-hang spring-loaded cord-dispenser with a length of 1.2m. When the cord is pulled or weight is put on it, the EZI-Roll will allow the cord length to be increased. When no tension or weight is applied to the cord, the EZI-Roll winds the cord back into itself.

A wing-nut on the side allows the user to adjust the clutch-tension which sets how much weight needs to be applied before the Yo-Yo will begin to dispense cord. With your reflector attached using the hook clip and the clutch-tension set correctly, the EZI-Roll will allow easy height adjustment by gently lifting the reflector up or gently pressing it down but when no weight or lift is applied, the EZI-Roll maintains it's set-position. Designed to maximise durability and robustness, with a greatly improved, harmonic steel internal mechanism. 

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  • Easily adjust the height of your reflector in a moment
  • Strong cords, 1.2m long at full extension
  • Well-made and reliable
  • Adjustable clutch-tension for different weight reflectors
  • Includes eyelets for easy hanging from ceiling hooks
  • Includes clip hooks for easily attaching reflectors
  • Suitable for most reflectors up to 10Kg

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