Duct Tape Reinforced Aluminium Foil Silver 50m


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Duct Tape Reinforced Aluminium Foil 50m

Reinforced aluminium foil duct tape is the perfect answer for fixing joins in reflective sheeting. Aluminium foil duct tape is thicker and less compliant than normal duct tape so is not as good for fiddly repairs to ducting etc.

How the Reinforced Duct Tape Works

Reinforced Aluminium Foil Duct Tape gives the grower an easy and economical way of joining sheeting together. The continuous 50m roll is very, very strong and the adhesive on one side will stick to just about anything. This aluminium foil version is reinforced and is even stronger than standard aluminium tape. Reinforced aluminium foil duct tape is highly reflective but is much less flexible than standard duct tape and needs to be cut with scissors. To prevent the layers of foil becoming permanently stuck together on the roll there is a layer of backing paper which must be removed before sticking the tape down.

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  • Duct tape - sticky and strong!
  • Great for joins to reflective sheeting or floor sheeting
  • Reinforced aluminium foil - very strong and reflective too
  • 50m long roll
  • 50mm width

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