Dual Nematodes (Steinernema Feltiae & Steinernema Carpocapsae) x 10 million


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Nematode Worms - They Just Love to Munch on Thrips!

This combination of nematode worms, also known by the brand name, 'Nemasys Fruit and Veg', are powerful predators used for controlling thrips, caterpillars and root flies. They seek out pests in both the soil and on the foliage, releasing bacteria that kill the host within days. As they reproduce, thousands of juvenile nematodes are released to continue the pest control process. Nemasys Fruit and Veg provides up to six weeks of protection and is safe for pets, children, birds, bees, and other wildlife.

Why Choose Live Predators?

Live predators are the ultimate weapon in the fight against grow room pests. Unlike chemical pesticides, these living organisms offer a natural and environmentally friendly approach to pest control that doesn't harm beneficial insects or wildlife, and won't leave toxic residues on your crop. Plus, live predators establish themselves in your growing environment, providing ongoing protection that saves you money in the long run. Adding live predators as a preventative measure is a much better way to approach pests than to wait for signs of infestations. With their insatiable appetite for pests, live predators are highly effective at keeping populations in check, resulting in healthier, more productive crops that can reach their full potential. Choose live predator pests for a sustainable, effective, and cost-efficient pest management program.


  • Takes out thrips, caterpillars and root flies
  • Also known as Nemasys Fruit & Veg
  • Very easy-to-use - just apply to soil when watering
  • Can also be put in a sprayer, for a direct hit to leaves
  • Goes a long way - a single pack treats up to sixty square metres!
  • Eco friendly, with no nasty chemicals - safe for wildlife and pets



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