Dry Pot Disposable Dehumidifier


Size: 500ml Dry Bag
Sale price£3.99

Dry Pot - The Disposable Dehumidifier For All Your Needs

The Dry Pot Disposable Grow Room Dehumidifier is created to remove excess moisture from the air, helping to combat mould in areas which may be poorly ventilated. If Mildew spreads in your grow room or space, dampness will creep in and cause issues with moisture, and having a moisture absorber is vital to keeping condensation down, and the disposable dehumidifiers are ideal for controlling humidity.

Control Excess Moisture With Two Sizes

Struggling with damp? Choose from two sizes of moisture absorber - a 500ml dry bag or 800ml dry pot.

Moisture Absorber

The Dry Pot works with specifically designed moisture absorber to combat mould, damp and condensation in the air; simply open your Dry Pot Disposable Grow Room Dehumidifier in the desired area and you're good to go!



Either 800ml Dry Pot or 500ml Dry Bag


  • Removes excess moisture from the air
  • Helps combat mould and dampness
  • Effective method ofdehumidifying your grow room
  • Aids in the crop drying process
  • Cost efficient and affordable!

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