Dimlux Extreme 600w - 400 Volt Adjustable Ballast


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Drives 600w 400v Lamps Remotely

The Dimlux Extreme Ballast is a high-quality digital ballast that is capable of driving 600w 400v lamps at several output settings, ranging from 320w to 690w. It comes with an attractive looking gold finish, and the build-quality is absolutely rock-solid. It’s also compatible with the Dimlux Maxi Controller, so you can take advantage of an enormous range of additional features.

How the Dimlux Extreme Ballast Works:

The Dimlux Extreme 600w - 400v Adjustable Ballast converts mains electricity to the correct voltage and current to start-up and power a 600w HPS and MH lamp, using a microprocessor to constantly monitor and control a digital power-output system. Digital Ballasts produce more lumen output, use less electricity and do not degrade with age like core and coil type ballasts which become noisy, use more electricity and produce less lumens as they get older.

The Dimlux Extreme 600w Ballast features output settings of 320w, 390w, 460w, 530w, 600w 645w and 660w, allowing you to tailor lighting to your plants’ exact needs at any given time. Better yet, you can connect this ballast quickly and easily to your Dimlux Maxi Controller and take advantage of the range of features that it has to offer - 160 of these ballasts can then be controlled from a central point.

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  • Drives lamps at multiple wattages
  • Allows you to mount ballasts outside the room, reducing heat
  • Stylish design combined with rock solid build quality
  • No buzzing sounds!
  • Maxi Controller compatible
  • Yield-boosting overdrive facility
  • More efficient than typical core and coil ballasts
  • Hard-wired power cable

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