Dimlux Aux Box with Fan Speed Controller


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Dimlux Aux Box + Fan Equals Even More Control

Developers of Dimlux / Opticlimate products are committed to producing the most comprehensive indoor growing systems. In addition to the superb Aux Box, another addition to their range comes in the form of the Dimlux Aux Box + Fan control. It adds yet another layer of functionality to your Maxi Controller, automatically operating your fan / ventilation system, switching heating and humidifying equipment based on the info gathered by the Maxi Controller's sensing equipment. Program in your preferences using the quick setup or for total control use the advanced setup to tap into the full potential, then let the Maxi Controller take care of the rest!

How the Aux Box + Fan Works:

The Aux Box + Fan allows you full control of the Maxi Controller's vast functionality. Additional to the switching of your heating and humidifying equipment, complete control of your fan settings are available. Set up the parameters that you want to acchieve the supreme environment for your growroom. It's a simple plug-and-play system that will ensure that the relative humidity and temperature of your growroom always stay within ideal ranges. Just plug the Aux Box + Fan into a mains socket and connect it to the Maxi Controller using the supplied lead. You can then plug in your extraction fan, heating and humidifying equipment, up to a maximum load of 15 amps. Use your Maxi Controller to program your ideal daytime and nighttime fan, temperature and humidity settings and it will utilise the information gathered by its sensing equipment to switch on fans, heaters and humidifiers as they are needed.

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  • For complete control resulting in grow-room perfection
  • One of the latest additions to the Dimlux / Opticlimate range
  • A state-of-the-art solution
  • Maintains a perfect climate for both daytime and nighttime cycles
  • Regulates fan speed through parameters set by you
  • Switches heating, humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • Regulates equipment using information gathered by the Maxi Controller
  • Easy to set up - plug into a wall socket, then connect it to the Maxi Controller
  • Lowers the stress levels of plants, promoting healthier growth and bigger crops
  • Capable of handling 15 amps (though you should note that a standard wall socket is limited to 13 amp)

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