Cyco Nutrients - Platinum Series - Uptake

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A Concentrated Source of Humic Acid for Better Uptake Rates

Humic acid is a natural substance that is derived from decomposed organic matter. It is a source of essential nutrients for plants and is an important component of healthy soil, which is why it's also a key ingredient in many soil ammendments and fertilisers. Humic acid helps to improve soil structure, making it more fertile, and it will also increase the efficiency of the other fertilisers in your feeding regime. That's because humic acid dramatically increases nutrient uptake rates by increasing the cation exchange capacity of the soil. This allows for more nutrients to be absorbed by plants' roots, leading to faster growth, and bigger and better plants.


Choose from 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre sizes using the dropdown menu.


  • Rich in humic acid, an important component of soil that helps plants uptake nutrients
  • Improve plant growth and health by increasing cation exchange
  • increasing nutrient uptake and improving soil structure.
  • Delivers the goods with an array of different plant types
  • Easy to use - just add it in at 1ml per litre

How To Use

The Cyco feed charts can be found in the downloads section. They state that Uptake should be used at 1.0ml per litre throughout the grow and bloom stages. Note that Uptake is not suggested for use in DWC systems on official Cyco feed charts, so proceed with caution if you're going down this route.

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